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Deep Learning + Computer Vision

Core Technology

Technical Innovation

Rapid and correct multi-pose real-time detection
Light normalization pretreatment and shadow elimination
Exact matching under remote distance and low resolution
Accurate analysis of face after long time span
Evaluation and analysis of face age and gender

Facial Feature Detection based Algorithm

Sensingtech face recognition algorithm adopts multi-angle face detection and positioning. The system has the face recognition and authentication capacity at a level of over 99%, with the recognition speed of 1s to 2s. On occasions of flow density and appearance of multiple human faces in an image, the system will make rapid dynamic detection and positioning of human faces of objects that are moving and not controlled.

Deep Learning Model

Deep learning model is recognized as the most advanced face recognition algorithm worldwide. Sensingtech dynamic face recognition technology works on the basis of convolutional neural network’s deep monitoring and learning model and million-level face data set. With high system recognition rate and response rate, Sensingtech keeps the leading position worldwide in face recognition technology. It has been rated as no.1 for two consecutive years in TRECVID (TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation) evaluation.


Sensingtech has developed a variety of products, and praise by the industry.
  • Control server of static face and historical monitoring video
  • Sensingtech application platform of static face and historical video
  • Control server of dynamic face
  • Dynamic face application platform server
  • Sensingtech integrated identity recognition machine
  • Sensingtech wall-mounted integrated identity recognition machine
  • Sensingtech face identity recognition turnstile
  • Sensingtech portable face identity device
  • Sensingtech wireless face recognition control device
  • Sensingtech mobile terminal for identity authentication
  • Sensingtech desktop face identity acquisition device
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Sensingtech's technology and products have been widely used in public security, banking, residential areas, etc.

Intelligent Security

China has a large population and high population mobility. Therefore, the public security against terrorism ...

Intelligent Finance

Since there are increasingly higher requirements of people on the safety, banks and other financial institutions ...

Intelligent Building

Sensingtech intelligent building management system supports face based registration, batched personnel registration, door opening by face detection and second-level pass...

Intelligent Transportation

At the same time of rapid development, urban transportation has become a high-crime area where criminal acts (for example pilferage and terrorist attack) occur due to...

Intelligent Medicine

Supported by powerful face recognition system in medical field and face detection authentication, hospitals make the hospitalization procedure safer and more convenient...

Safe Community

Along with the high speed development of social economy, the comfort and safety of living environment have become people’s first choice...